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Invasion Kit 15, Glow In The Space

Invasion Kit 15, Glow In The Space
Signed Ceramic


Ceramic, 2013
Signed Ceramic Edition of 200
H 26cm x W 24cm

Critical Review

Regarding this Invasion Kit, the 15th the artist released, Invader claimed: “This new invasion kit is not only the largest of the series but also the most luminous. It will shine throughout the darkness thanks to its phosphorescent tiles!” As already the title Glow In the Space suggests, the tiles composing the Space Invader are devised so as to glow in the dark, creating a haunting atmosphere in which the alien character seems to be emerging out of space.

While the Invasion Kit was not released in conjunction with any specific exhibition, the title nonetheless suggests that the Kit pays homage to Invader’s Art4Space project, which the artist had launched only a year before in 2012.

Playing with Space Invaders’ alleged provenance from space, this Invasion Kit is a rare and unique find within Invader’s production, attesting to his vivid artistic imagination and his technical experimentation with materials.

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