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Invasion Kit 1, Albinos

Invasion Kit 1, Albinos


Ceramic, 2002
Ceramic Edition of 350

Critical Review

In 1998, Invader started his ambitious installation project, the Space Invaders project, which involved the artist travelling all over the world to install mosaics of aliens in bustling cities. The project was inspired by the popular arcade game, Space Invaders, which was created by Japanese game manufacturers, Taito, in 1978. Invader would spend around a week wandering around the cities he visited, scouting out the perfect location, recording and mapping them, so he could track all of his installations.

Invasion Kit 1, Albinos allows the owner of the artwork to become an artist and create their own alien character from Space Invaders. The kits are produced in Invader’s studio and sold in his iconic Space Shop.

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