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Invasion Kit, 12, Home

Invasion Kit, 12, Home


Ceramic, 2010
Ceramic Edition of 150
H 16cm x W 20cm

Critical Review

The Invasion Kit’s origin is uncertain, its name gesturing to two different interpretations. It was produced in 2010, the same year in which Invader exhibited in Japan with his Home Sweet Home exhibition in Tokyo, Japan and in Rome for his Roma 2010 and Other Curiosities, at Wunderkammern - for which he also produced Invaderoma. On the one hand, the Invasion Kit could then reference Home Sweet Home in the same way that Invasion Kit Made In Japan does, alluding to the origin of the video game Space Invaders from which the artist draws most of his imagery.

On the other hand, the choice of colours of the Kit, blue, white and red, could gesture to the colours of the French flag, in which case Home might refer to Invader’s homeland, France.

Leaving the debate open for speculation, this Invasion Kit is a fun piece for anyone interested in Invader’s works, being a more approachable alternative to his aliases and an entertaining activity to engage children and adults alike.

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