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Invasion Kit 9, Vienna

Invasion Kit 9, Vienna


Ceramic, 2008
Ceramic Edition of 150
H 12cm x W 17cm

Critical Review

This Invasion Kit is notable within Invader’s production. Not only is this one of his first, being only the ninth Invasion Kit the artist released, but it also directly quotes one of Invader’s most interesting projects, his 2008 Invaded Bridge in Vienna. After invading the Austrian capital in 2006 with 52 Space Invaders, in 2008 the artist returned to the city to collaborate with curator Sebastian Schager on a permanent installation for the Museums Quartier in Vienna. In the project, the artist ‘invaded’ the bridge between Breitestrasse and Museums Quartier with his iconic Space Invader, here faithfully transposed in the Invasion Kit.

Regarding the project, the curator claimed the installation was meant to give visibility to Street Art and local and international street artists, juxtaposing Invader’s work to that of Lois Weinberger.

Almost psychedelic in its outlook, this Invasion Kit meticulously attests to Invader’s steady rise to prominence on the international art scene, contributing to the dissemination of Invader’s imagery and ideas.

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