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Invasion Kit 5 Atari

Invasion Kit 5 Atari


Ceramic, 2006
Ceramic Edition of 150

Critical Review

Invasion Kit 5 Atari 2006 is a set of ceramic tiles, mostly blue, which when assembled correctly look like an alien from the popular arcade game, Space Invaders. The kit also comes with detailed instructions, written by Invader himself, helping the kit owners create the mosaics.

The kit can be seen alongside other kits produced by the artist, all of which are tied to Invader’s impressive installation project, the Space Invaders project. Invader started the project in 1998 which involved him travelling around the world and scouting locations in various metropolitan cities where he would install around 20 to 50 mosaics of alien characters from Space Invaders onto the walls of the cities. Invader has produced detailed maps and guides providing the exact locations of his artworks, and the invasion kits take the project one step further, encouraging people to get involved themselves and launch their own alien ‘invasions’.

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