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Invasion Kit, Red

Invasion Kit, Red
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2009
Signed Print Edition of 50
H 30cm x W 42cm

Critical Review

At once one of Invader’s most simple and yet instantly recognisable pieces, this print is telling in its apparent simplicity. As its title suggests, despite being a print, the artwork is meant to reference the mosaic Invasion Kit series and to artworks like Invasion Kit 13, Made in Japan, or Invasion Kit 16, Flashinvader where similarly Invader depicts a Space Invader against an apparently simple background, making use of a palette of two or three primary colours juxtaposed next to one another. In this case, the artist uses a bright red tone for the background, hence the title of the piece, to evidence the stark contrast with the white Space Invader.

Thus, the print situates itself within a larger production of Invader, and pays homage to his Invasion Kits. At the same time, given its medium, the piece also references Invader’s earliest engagements with print as a medium apt to better democratise and disseminate the private ownership and possession of his artworks. Coalescing Invader’s interest in prints and his mosaic-based pieces, this piece is a rare and unique find, able to captivate any Invader collector.

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