Invader: Home Moon - Signed Print

Home Moon
Signed Print



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Screenprint, 2010
Signed Print Edition of 50

Critical Review

Invader is best known for his ‘invasions’ in which the artist adorns the streets of bustling cities with mosaics of pixelated characters from Space Invaders. The mosaics are made out of small, ceramic, square tiles which the artist sticks to street walls using cement or glue. Known as the ‘Space Invaders Project’, these invasions have taken place in over 30 countries and the project has come to be one of the most elaborate street art stunts in art history.

As well as taking inspiration from Space Invaders, Invader has created artworks inspired by other 8-bit video games such as Pac-Man. The artist was also inspired by cartoon and comic book characters like Pink Panther, Spider-Man and Popeye. Producing artworks inspired by popular culture captures how Invader’s art questions what should be considered ‘high’ culture and fine art.

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