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Space One (pink)

Space One (pink)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2013
Signed Print Edition of 70
H 37cm x W 38cm

Critical Review

This print is perhaps one of Invader’s most sought-after pieces, in so long as it depicts a faithful representation of the Space One mosaic that Invader sent into outer space, a piece which marked forever Invader’s career as the first artist to have ever sent an artwork to space, as well as the history of art. The project launched in 2012, when Invader built an artisanal helium balloon equipped with a camera into space. The balloon and the mosaic’s journeys were thus fully recorded and made visible to the public through a short film released by Invader. The most important moment of the journey of Space One was captured in a snapshot showing the mosaic against the backdrop of the Earth’s stratosphere, made available through a second print released by Invader, see Art4Space.

With regards to the project, Invader claimed that after having spent fifteen years disseminating Space invaders across the globe, it only seemed logical to push the boundaries of Street Art even further, into space. The print thus speaks to Invader’s desire to explore outer space, if not directly at least through his artworks.