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Jean-Michel Basquiat: Supercomb - Unsigned Print

Unsigned Print

Jean-Michel Basquiat


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Lithograph, 2000
Unsigned Print Edition of 500
H 74cm x W 52cm

Critical Review

A copyright sign accompanies the date, spelt out in words at the base of the print. In the work of Basquiat, materialism and consumer culture are consistently depicted as an enveloping and omnipresent phenomenon which contaminates all. As Leonhard Emmerling writes: “A 1981 drawing shows nothing more than the word “Milk” emblazoned with a copyright sign. This drawing combines a staple food with the claim of control over its distribution and the consequent ability to draw a profit from it.” In the heavily commercialised world of Basquiat’s images, nothing is safe from the carnivorous march of market forces.

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