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This Is Shahnoza 1

This Is Shahnoza 1
Signed Print

Julian Opie

Screenprint, 2006
Signed Print Edition of 40
H 57cm x W 136cm

Critical Review

This print is indicative of Opie’s desire to create movement through a sequence of static images, much like movement in films, and so we see the dancer moving around the pole. Opie orientates the figure’s head and body towards the viewer to suggest her awareness of being watched and makes clear that this sequence of movements is conforming to a particular performance tradition.

This is Shahnoza 1 presents the viewer with a response to iconography found in the cultural mainstream, showing an anonymous image of the stereotypically ‘sexy’ woman. Opie’s figures are therefore in line with his landscapes and still lives that form a self-conscious representation of the idea that art feeds on art. Of this, Opie has said that his picture making "is a self-conscious circular type of activity… I make art looking at other art, looking at other things in the world that look like art, making things that look like art, making things that look like things that look like art."

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