This Is Shahnoza In 3 Parts 4

This Is Shahnoza In 3 Parts 4
Signed Mixed Media

Julian Opie

Mixed Media, 2008
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 30
H 72cm x W 212cm

Critical Review

This print is representative of Opie’s desire to form new and dynamic compositions from the same model, opting in this case for a full-length horizontal format that differs from his iconic full-length vertical portraits of people. In order to create the images of Shahnoza, Opie worked with the professional pole dancer for two days, taking over 1,000 photographs each day, simultaneously using two video cameras to capture her movements in real time. Opie therefore had an abundance of material to create many portraits of the same model.

The images used for this series are directly transferred from Opie’s This is Shahnoza Horizontal series from 2007. This is indicative of Opie’s desire to repeat and transform the same composition into a multitude of formats. This Is Shahnoza In 3 Parts is rendered in this semi-sculptural format that encourages the viewer to think about the human form in an unusual and fragmented way.

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