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Julian Opie: Rain Footsteps Siren - Signed Print

Rain Footsteps Siren
Signed Print

Julian Opie


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Digital Print, 2000
Signed Print Edition of 40
H 76cm x W 112cm

Critical Review

Rain Footsteps Siren is photographic in its style and composition, but Opie has rendered this with a computer drawing programme that works to simplify and abstract the original image. Rain Footsteps Siren is devoid of any human presence and is depersonalised to the point of commodification whereby the viewer is able to make their own imaginative journey through the image. In composing this image from the perspective of someone walking along the road, Opie retains a sense of familiarity and human presence, thus inviting the viewer to step into the scene.

Opie names each print in this series with three words that refer to sounds that are not present in the actual work. Drawing attention to these sounds that can only be heard in the real world, Opie provokes the viewer to question the effectiveness of two-dimensional representations such as this.

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