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Julian Opie: Voices Footsteps Telephone - Signed Mixed Media

Voices Footsteps Telephone
Signed Mixed Media

Julian Opie

£2,000 Guide

This estimate blends recent public auction records with our own private sale data and network demand.

Mixed Media, 2000
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 40
H 76cm x W 112cm

Critical Review

Voices Footsteps Telephone is one of Opie’s more unusual prints, showing a scene with very little context as to where this interior could be but simultaneously provokes a feeling of familiarity within the viewer. The sounds described in the print’s title allude to waiting in A&E in a hospital, yet the scene shows no sign of these sounds, instead showing a slick and depersonalised image of an eerily empty and plain interior. The uncanny nature of the print is created through Opie’s use of simplified form, graphic straight lines and dramatic vanishing point, with the image’s focal point being the strip of lights on the ceiling.

In simplifying Voices Footsteps Telephone from the original photograph, Opie both draws from his personal experience but depersonalises the image to allow the viewer to create their own unique interpretation. Much of Opie’s work has been compared to the digitally rendered landscapes of video games in the way that they mimic a simultaneously familiar yet otherworldly scene.

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