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Keith Haring: New Years Invitation - Signed Print

New Years Invitation
Signed Print

Keith Haring


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Screenprint, 1988
Signed Print
H 26cm x W 21cm

Critical Review

This print differs from other prints by Haring, such as the Growing series or Pop Shop series, as the lines used here are much thinner than Haring’s conventional thick and bold black lines. This brings more of a sketch-like quality to the print, reflective of Haring’s excellent draughtsmanship and interest in cartoons which he developed from a young age by watching Dr Seuss and Walt Disney cartoons.

The central figure of the print is surrounded by ‘energy lines’ which gives the impression the character is dancing. These lines are a characteristic feature of Haring’s visual language and they bring energy and dynamism to the print. Haring produced many lithograph prints early in his career. Haring started experimenting with the silkscreen technique later on in the mid 1980s. This change in technique was likely due to the medium being popularised by Andy Warhol, one of Haring’s most important influences.

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