Radiant Baby (white)

Radiant Baby (white)
Signed Print

Keith Haring

Screenprint, 1990
Signed Print Edition of 60
H 53cm x W 64cm

Critical Review

Corresponding exactly with Haring’s brightly coloured Radiant Baby Icon from his Icons series, this print is formed from bold embossed contours with thick, rounded lines radiating from the figure to provide a sense of excitement and movement. Haring strips back the original image into a more subtle, simplified motif by rendering the icon colourless, now presenting the radiant baby all in white.

Radiant Baby is a noteworthy example of how Haring created optimistic icons for his generation, to be displayed in public spaces during a time of technological acceleration, rampant capitalism and political turmoil. Haring described the radiant baby motif as “the purest and most positive experience of human existence” and used the figure as a symbol of hope for the future.