A Seller's Guide To Mr. Brainwash

A stencilled screenprint of British model Kate Moss with long, lustrous hair, set against a graffiti-styled backdrop. The backdrop showcases splatters of spray paint in golden, red, and pink tones, creating a lively and vibrant visual composition.Kate Moss © Mr. Brainwash
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”If I believe it, it’s art for me.’’
Mr. Brainwash

How Much Do Mr. Brainwash Prints Sell For?

In the realm of Mr. Brainwash artworks, original canvas pieces have commanded impressive auction prices, reaching into the tens of thousands. In contrast, prints typically have lower price points, usually ranging in the thousands. A notable example of a canvas work is Mr. Brainwash's Kate Moss (2010), which sold at Phillips London for £42,050, surpassing its high estimate by nearly 4.7 times. Similarly, Charlie Chaplin Pink, also a canvass, achieved an auction record of £83,080 (including fees), exceeding its upper estimate at Phillips New York in 2010.

However, it's important to understand that the market for Mr. Brainwash prints operates differently from the original market. His recent Bitcoin collection, featuring designs inspired by Andy Warhol's Dollar Sign prints, but with the Bitcoin symbol replacing the dollar, can be acquired on the primary market for approximately £2,500 to £3,000 per print. Another collection, called Flowarh$ [sic], draws inspiration from Warhol as well, offering six colour variations within an edition size of 55. The record price for a single print of these works on the secondary market was achieved at Bonhams New York in November 2022, realising £9,992 (fees included).

It's important to be aware that Mr. Brainwash prints have historically shown limited potential for significant value appreciation on the secondary market. Additionally, fluctuations in his auction market have been notable, likely influenced by his controversial position within the Urban Arts Scene. Therefore, while acknowledging the inherent value of art as a passion asset, we highly recommend seeking expert guidance before considering any artwork for investment purposes.

How Do You Authenticate a Mr. Brainwash Print?

Identifying the authenticity of a Mr. Brainwash print is straightforward due to the artist's unique signing approach. Each print is personally signed by the artist and includes a thumbprint, along with a distinct dollar bill number sequence that corresponds to the figure stated on the certificate of authenticity. Furthermore, Mr. Brainwash often reinforces the authenticity of his works by signing them on the reverse side with his renowned mantra, ”Life is beautiful.’’

A vibrant screenprint portrait featuring the iconic singer Madonna, showcasing exaggerated yellow hair, blue eye shadow, and red lips. The artwork draws inspiration from Andy Warhol's famous celebrity portraits.Madonna © Mr. Brainwash

Has Your Mr. Brainwash Print Been Kept In Good Condition?

Prior to acquiring a Mr. Brainwash print, it is imperative to conduct a meticulous examination to mitigate the risk of acquiring a damaged piece that may compromise its value and investment potential. Scratches, tears, stains, and colour fading are common indications of wear and tear to be mindful of.

For in-depth insights on preserving and revitalising your print, we invite you to consult our extensive resource guide to Restoring and Caring for Modern and Contemporary Prints.

Bitcoin-themed screenprint featuring a red and grey 'B' shaped like a dollar sign on a black background, reminiscent of Andy Warhol's iconic dollar sign artwork.Bitcoin © Mr. Brainwash 2018

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Mr. Brainwash Print?

When selling a Mr. Brainwash print, timing can be critical and influenced by several factors. One of these factors is the current demand for his work in the art market. If there's a high demand for Mr. Brainwash prints, selling during this period can result in a higher selling price. Similarly, if a particular exhibition or event draws attention to his art, it may also be a good time to sell.

The condition of the print is also crucial in determining the optimal time to sell. If the print is in exceptional condition, it may be worth selling sooner to capitalise on its value. However, if the print is in poor condition, waiting until it's been restored or repaired may increase its value.

A colourful screenprint inspired by graffiti, featuring a stencilled police officer leaning over a stencilled young child. The child stands beside an open tin of red paint, creating the illusion that they have painted the words 'I Love You!' on the graffiti-covered wall.Not Guilty © Mr. Brainwash 2019

Where Can I Sell My Mr. Brainwash Print?

Various options are available to sell your Mr. Brainwash print, depending on your circumstances and preferences. Here are some avenues you can explore:

Selling A Mr. Brainwash Via Auction House

Opting to sell your Mr. Brainwash print through an auction house presents a compelling avenue to explore. This route offers convenience, granting you a swift sale opportunity and access to a vast network of potential buyers. Auction houses boast extensive marketing channels, drawing collectors and investors globally. Moreover, they oversee the entire selling process, encompassing appraisal, reserve price determination, and bid management.

Nonetheless, it is important to be aware of certain drawbacks associated with auction house sales. Commission fees are customary, often reaching up to 25% of the final sale price. Moreover, in the event that your print does not find a buyer during the auction sale, additional costs for storage and transportation may arise.

Selling A Mr. Brainwash Via Broker

When selling your Mr. Brainwash print, working with a broker is also a viable option. A broker can provide a personalised approach and help you navigate the art market to find potential buyers. They can also advise on pricing and assist you with negotiating the sale. With a network of contacts in the art world, brokers can help to find the right buyer for your print. This approach can be particularly beneficial if you're looking for a more hands-on approach and prefer guidance through the selling process. However, it's important to choose a reputable broker with experience in the contemporary art market to ensure a successful sale.

Selling A Mr. Brainwash Via Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces, such as MyArtBroker, are also a valuable alternative for selling your Mr. Brainwash print, catering to the evolving preferences of art collectors, particularly among millennials. These platforms have witnessed a surge in popularity, providing accessibility and affordability. By leveraging online marketplaces, you can effectively tap into a vast audience of potential buyers on a global scale. Furthermore, these platforms extend practical resources and tools to aid in pricing and shipping, ensuring a seamless and convenient selling experience for your valuable Mr. Brainwash print.

A vibrant artwork featuring a collage of graffiti-style elements as the background. The words 'Life is beautiful' are prominently written in bold black cursive, with hearts used as the dots on the small 'i's'.Life Is Beautiful © Mr. Brainwash 2018

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Mr. Brainwash Collection Management with MyPortfolio

MyPortfolio is an essential tool for managing your art collection. It allows you to keep track of your collection and identify the best opportunities to add to it.

With MyPortfolio, you can get a comprehensive overview of your collection, including detailed information about each piece, such as the year it was created, its edition number, and its provenance. This information can help you identify gaps in your collection and determine which pieces may be worth more or in high demand.

MyPortfolio can also help estimate fluctuations in the value of your Mr. Brainwash print using sales data and taking a repeat sales regression approach. This can help you determine the right time to buy or sell your piece and ensure you make the best decision for your collection.

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