A Seller's Guide To Patrick Caulfield

Closeup cropped image of stylised black coal pieces outlined with black lines on a black background, with vibrant orange hues symbolising fire emerging.Image © Phillips / Coalfire (C.17) © Patrick Caulfield 1969
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How Much Do Patrick Caulfield Prints Sell For?

The prices of Patrick Caulfield prints and editions can vary significantly, influenced by factors such as edition size, rarity, condition, and provenance. On average, Caulfield prints typically range from £400 to £6,000, though his most sought-after pieces can command prices in the tens of thousands. One of his most recent successful sales was seen at Phillips in 2022, where a set of three prints—Water Jug, Brown Jug, and Pitcher (C. 66-68)—surpassed their high estimate of £2,000 and sold for £6,048, tripling the expected price.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of your print's value, it is advisable to conduct research on sales histories of comparable works or seek professional guidance. At MyArtBroker, we offer complimentary valuations for your artworks, with zero obligation to sell. Furthermore, our MyPortfolio platform provides insights into fluctuations in a work's value by digitally tracking recent sales performances.

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“One’s always been taught in art school that all relationships and colours should blend, affected by one light. But that can make for very dull painting. Does nature blend? I think that people have no difficulty in blending everything together.’’
Patrick Caulfield

How Do You Authenticate a Patrick Caulfield Print?

Authenticating a Patrick Caulfield print requires that an expert examine the works material including the edition number and the artist’s signature to help with tracing the accurate history of the work. Supporting documents include purchase invoices, certificates of authenticity, and verifiable records of exhibition history to determine provenance which are all necessary to provide a fair market value of the artwork.

When you choose to sell through MyArtBroker, you gain access to our complimentary valuation services. Additionally, our team of specialists possesses the expertise necessary to authenticate your print, streamlining the sales process for your convenience.

Has Your Patrick Caulfield Print Been Kept In Good Condition?

The condition of your Patrick Caulfield print plays a significant role in its value. Collectors are likely to buy and invest in prints that are in excellent condition without signs of wear, fading, or damage. To best maintain your print, it must be kept in in a dry, temperature-controlled environment. If you choose to display it, ensure the artwork is mounted on acid-free paper and placed behind UV protective glass, away from direct sunlight and humidity.

You should always handle and store unframed prints with great care, wearing art handling cotton gloves. Regularly examine your print for signs of deterioration and consider having the work professionally cleaned or restored if necessary – it is best to prevent damage rather than repair it.

However, even with the best maintenance practices prints may inevitably exhibit signs of wear and tear overtime. Paper can crease and sun or water damage can cause undulation to the work. In such instances, it is reccommended to have a specialist conservator examine the artwork who can help to repair and preserve the overall condition of the work.

To learn more on proper care for printed artworks, read our guide on how to best care for and restore your prints.

An image of the print Jug by Patrick Caulfield. It shows the outline of a jug within a kitchen, all drawn in black lines against a bright pink background. The top half of the jug is highlighted in white.Jug © Patrick Caulfield 1974

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Patrick Caulfield Print?

Timing the sale of your Patrick Caulfield print is crucial to ensure a healthy return. Monitoring when an artist's market is frenzied is a good indicator of when to sell your work. Market performance usually increases during featured exhibitions or a record auction performance for other works.

Following secondary and primary art markets helps to determine market trends. Additionally, activity within the broader economic climate usually indicates when buyers may be more or less inclined to invest in art.

Selling artworks during an economic upturn often yields higher returns and selling figures. However, the art market operates as a passion-driven investment category, and the demand for specific artworks can experience unpredictable fluctuations influenced by individual preference.

This inherent complexity and opacity make navigating the art market challenging. At MyArtBroker, we prioritise unparalleled transparency in the selling process. Our team of specialists is dedicated to helping you understand the value of your artwork and successfully navigate the intricate world of art investments and sales.

Where Can I Sell My Patrick Caulfield Print?

Selling A Patrick Caulfield Via Auction House

Auction houses provide a viable avenue for selling your Patrick Caulfield print. With their extensive collector network, they can generate competitive bidding, thereby potentially increasing the selling price of your artwork. Renowned auction houses like Christie's, Sotheby's, and Phillips have a remarkable track record of successful sales for Caulfield artworks. However, consigners should understand auction house fees and commissions, as these percentages can affect net earnings from the sale. Furthermore, due to the nature of prints and multiples, auction houses often have multiple consignors of the same edition print. This can result in the works being spread across consecutive sale seasons to prevent over saturation of an artist's market, prolonging the selling process and potentially impacting the returns received.

Selling A Patrick Caulfield Via a Broker

Another option is to sell privately. Independent brokers or dealers also possess vast networks and specialised knowledge of the art market, enabling them to connect your print with the appropriate buyers. Private brokers often charge commission fees on the selling price, which can vary circumstantially. Conducting thorough research on reputable art brokers who specialise in the specific artistic category of your work is a strategic approach that provides reassurance and ensures a clear understanding of the fair market value of your artwork.

Selling A Patrick Caulfield Via Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces, such as MyArtBroker, offer a convenient and accessible platform to selling your Patrick Caulfield artwork. Our digital space allows you to list your print, and set a price that you are comfortable with, which reaches a global audience of potential buyers within minutes. Online sales offer quicker transactions, allowing for faster receipts of your profits.

Conducting research on fees and policies prior to listing your artwork ensures a seamless selling process. Companies typically require high-quality images and comprehensive descriptions of your work to effectively attract potential buyers. MyArtBroker stands apart from other platforms by offering unmatched transparency on the value of your artwork and the current condition of artist's markets. As a personal broker and an online marketplace, we offer a comprehensive selling solution tailored to your needs. Our services include assisting you in determining a fair market price based on our expertise in the prints and multiples market. We connect you with potential buyers, provide reliable authentication for your work, facilitate certified condition reports, and arrange secure shipping.

To understand more about the different avenues for selling your artwork, read our current guide on auction house versus online sales.

A screenshot of the landing page of MyArtBroker’s platform MyPortfolio, depicting the values of Banksy’s artwork and fluctuations in the art market.MyPortfolio © MyArtBroker 2023

Why Sell Your Patrick Caulfield with MyArtBroker?

A Dedicated Broker

MyArtBroker is a specialised art brokerage service that offers expert assistance in building your art collection and acquiring prints from a trusted network. Working with MyArtBroker and leveraging our extensive collector base via our trading floor, you benefit from the convenience of having your own personal broker who will help you find a buyer for your artwork at the desired price.

Our Network

Our extensive network comprises over 30,000 collectors actively engaged in buying and selling artworks on our Trading Floor, which grants you immediate access to real-time market data. We work closely with collectors, galleries and knowledgable experts to ensure we only offer authentic Patrick Caulfield works in excellent condition. With 85,000+ monthly visitors, our platform garners the trust of our buyer's, resulting in successful sales. Stay informed via our Edition Magazine, where we publish articles daily offering the latest news and profound insights into the art market and contemporary culture.

MyArtBroker has access to a growing worldwide network of collectors looking to buy Caulfield artworks, so get in touch with us today if you are interested in selling your print and we will guide you through the process.

Patrick Caulfield Collection Management with MyPortfolio

At MyArtBroker, our goal is to simplify the process of collecting, buying and selling prints. Managing your collection is one of the most crucial aspects of investing in and owning art. Our bespoke MyPortfolio service guides you through the fluctuations of the art market, helping you keep track of your collection’s value while further providing you with information about demand.

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