Blue Chip Prints & Editions On a Budget: What to Invest in for £1,000

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Blue chip prints and editions are an accessible gateway into the world of art collecting. With a typically lower price point than original paintings and objects, limited edition prints afford collectors the opportunity to own artworks by era-defining artists without breaking the bank. Though prints and editions by some of the biggest names in the art market are attached to a higher price tag, there are innumerable opportunities if you are collecting with a budget.

Though £1,000 might not seem like a possible budget for blue chip art, MyArtBroker has a plethora of works available at accessible prices. Across different artist markets, genres, and styles, it is certainly possible to begin a collection on a budget.

Understanding Blue Chip Prints & Editions

Learn the Language of Collecting

Before you deep dive into investing, familiarise yourself with some of the key terms when it comes to prints. There’s a lot of jargon in the market you’ll want to learn before you begin making purchases. Aside from increasing your art vocabulary, consider learning more about the art market to position yourself as a more astute investor.

What are Blue Chip Prints?

Blue chip prints and editions are highly coveted in the art world, thanks to their anatomy, quality, and prestigious provenance. These prints are produced in limited quantities and are typically created using a variety of printing techniques, such as lithography, etching, and screen printing. They're often created by renowned artists or printmaking studios, adding to their allure and value. For collectors seeking to build a valuable art collection, blue chip prints and editions are a smart investment choice.

How are They Valued?

The value of blue chip prints and editions is determined by several factors, including the artist's reputation, the rarity of the print, and the quality of the printing technique used. As a result, prices can vary widely, making it essential for collectors to stay informed and seek expert guidance when investing in blue chip prints. Some blue chip prints can significantly increase in value over time, making them a lucrative investment for collectors.

To determine the market value of a blue chip print or edition, collectors can consult with industry experts such as MyArtBroker. Additionally, collectors can use online resources, such as auction results and market reports, to gain a better understanding of the value of blue chip prints and editions. By keeping up-to-date with market trends and seeking expert guidance, collectors can build a valuable collection of blue chip prints and editions.

The Appeal of Blue Chip Prints & Editions

Gateway to Investing

If you've ever considered investing in art but were put off by high price points, blue chip prints and editions might just be the solution. These prints and editions offer the opportunity to acquire iconic artwork from the most reputable names in the art world at a more attractive price. By purchasing a print or edition from a reputable dealer, you can be sure that you're acquiring a genuine piece of artwork that has the potential to grow in value.

Access to Art Collecting

One of the biggest appeals of blue chip prints and editions is their accessibility. For many art collectors, owning an original piece of artwork by a blue chip artist is a dream that seems out of reach. However, owning a print or edition of their work offers a more affordable way to invest in art. Additionally, these prints and editions have the added benefit of being produced in larger quantities, making them more widely available to collectors who might not have the budget for an original piece.

The Future of Art Investing

In recent years, blue chip prints and editions have become increasingly popular among art collectors. With more and more artists creating prints and editions of their work, the market has become more accessible than ever before. Additionally, advances in technology and printing techniques have made it possible to produce high-quality prints and editions that are nearly indistinguishable from the original artwork. As such, blue chip prints and editions have the potential to disrupt the traditional art market, democratising access to artwork and challenging the notion that owning an original piece of art is the only way to truly appreciate its value.

Top Blue Chip Prints & Editions for £1,000 and Less

High price points are a deterrent for most who are interested in building an art collection, let alone for the sake of investing. The beauty of prints and editions are that you’re getting the same art, at a more reasonable price. The truth is, If you’ve got £1,000, then you’ve got a Litchenstein, Murakami, or Stik. Here are the top 10 blue chip prints for £1,000 or less:


Invasion Of Miami by Invader £100 - £150

From his Maps collection, which charts the Street Artist’s in-situ interventions across the globe, Invasion Of Miami is an important part of his Space Invaders Project. The work charts the location of of his ‘Invasions’ in Miami like a treasure map. The interactive artwork seeks to remove art from the institution, and encourages his fans to take to the streets of Miami to view his iconic mosaic pieces


Genome No 10 by Takashi Murakami £450-£600

Inspired by the language of biology, Murakami’s Genome No 10 expresses the individual nature of the artist’s work. Much like a genome, no two Murakami artworks are the same, demonstrating the Japanese Superflat artist’s flare for idiosyncracy.


An Honest Man Has Been President: A Portrait Of Jimmy Carter by Robert Indiana £450-£600

Though Indiana famously rejected the Pop Art title, his work certainly mines imagery from popular culture. No better is the influence of mass media imagery seen than in his America series, from which this rolodex of Americana originates.


Holy Smoke by Conor Harrington £550-£800

Combining potent visual imagery with a mixture of vibrant colours and brushstrokes, Harrington’s Holy Smoke portrays a looming threat of disaster. The print represent’s the Irish artist’s need to bring his art colser to the issues that loom over modern like with its ever-evolving hierarchies of power.


Holding Hands (red) by Stik £550-£850

Holding Hands is an accessible work to buy if you want to own a quintessential Stik print. Composed of his iconic six line and two dot figures, the print has an emotive quality in spite of its technical simplicity.

“Pop art looks out into the world. It doesn’t look like a painting of something, it looks like the thing itself.”
Roy Lichtenstein

Marilyn Monroe by Robert Indiana £550-£850

Though an Andy Warhol Marilyn is quite out of reach for a collector with a £1,000 budget, Robert Indiana’s depiction of the Hollywood starlet is a far more feasible choice. The work speaks to the essence of Pop Art, and shows an innovative approach to the printing medium.


Merton Of The Movies by Roy Lichtenstein £600-£950

An unusual Art Deco venture for Lichtenstein, Merton Of The Movies is a commissioned movie poster for the eponymous feature. The artwork shows the artist’s response to Art Deco posters of the 1920s, and is an interesting conversation between different eras in art history.


Rabbits Its For Life by Tracey Emin £700-£950

Produced in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust, this honest and humorous print features Emin’s simplistic line drawing and scratchy handwriting. The work was exclusively commissioned and only available at Selfridges in London. It was originally supposed to be used as seasonal wrapping paper.


Carte d'Invasion De Bruxelles by Invader £750-£1,000

Also from Invader’s Maps collection, this work details the artist’s ‘Invasion’ of Brussels with his pixelated alien characters. The print uses the 8-bit visual register of arcade games and captures the essence of Invader’s artistic style which is characterised by his use of a pixelated texture and gaming inspired icons.


Hypha Will Cover The World Little By Little by Takashi Murakami £750-£1,000

From the weird and wonderful world of Murakami, this work is a surreal playground for the viewer to explore. The works from his Mushroom collection have an undeniably psychedelic quality, and seem to symbolically urge that Murakami’s artwork - like mushrooms themselves - are ever growing and proliferating.

Honourable Mention

Galerie Watari Exhibition Tokyo Poster by Keith Haring £750-£1,100

Though this work might tip you over your £1,000 budget, this work by the formidable Keith Haring shows that blue chip prints can be an accessible gateway into an established artist’s market. This poster was designed by as part of Haring's first solo exhibition at Galerie Watari in Tokyo, Japan in 1983. The artwork depicts a scene of conflict between a human figure riding a dolphin and a spaceship sending a stream of red electric rays on earth.

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