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Marilyn (F. & S. II.31) by Andy Warhol - MyArtBrokerMarilyn (F. & S. II.31) © Andy Warhol 1967 - MyArtBroker

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Our data insight, value index, and private market knowledge allows our clients to make the most informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling art. Collecting prints & editions by our Modern & Contemporary Masters offers the opportunity to invest, while building a rich portfolio of cultural and historical significance. Prints with a strong secondary market offers collectors an alternative to primary market investment. Their value and wider availability allow you to collect works by artists that have made a significant mark on art history.

Investing in Prints in 2023: The Print Market Report 5 Years in Review

Across American Pop, Post-War & Contemporary, and Urban & Contemporary artist markets, we have witnessed impressive value growth rates - despite COVID, global economic downturn, societal unrest, and the climate emergency. In this online exclusive we’ve curated works with significant historical performance in the market in the last 5 years.

Download our complete 2023 Print Market Report here, to explore expert opinions on the prints and multiples market over the last five years.


Over the past five years, we have seen Andy Warhol's resilient market mature and flourish. After the record-breaking sale of Shot Sage Blue Marilyn in May, Warhol's prints are set to steadily increase in value as we enter 2023. In fact, 2022 marked an exceptional year for the Pop Art market in its entirety. Prints by the King of Pop represent some of the most desirable opportunities to invest in this thriving market.


After an extraordinary run, the Banksy market has undergone a correction as it begins to mature. Between 2020 and 2021, the Urban artist's large market experienced exceptional growth, with total market size spiking at £36,575,791 in 2021. After corrections in the past year, we have seen the Banksy market maturing towards a tendency for mid- to long-term investment, as opposed to the accelerated trades of 2020. Though we are yet to see how fluctuation will prove, value growth proves Banksy's individual prints are still a viable investment asset.


There are few Post-War & Contemporary artists who continue to be as technologically innovative and engaging as David Hockney. Of all the artists in our 2023 Report, Hockney has one of the largest market sizes, superseded only by Andy Warhol.

Between 2017 and 2022, Hockney's individual artwork returns have been overwhelmingly positive. Out of the 83 artworks where a five year comparison is available, only six show a loss. Particularly popular are Hockneys' iPad drawing series, which are a true testament to Hockney's innovation throughout his long career. Thanks to the plethora of prints available on the secondary market, entry to the Hockney market remains accessible as we enter 2023.


Since 2017, Bridget Riley's mature market has experienced steady rates of growth in value despite the scarcity of her works available on the secondary market. Particular 'star' works shape the Op-Artist's averages, but the compounded annual growth rate has remained stable, with 6% growth in average selling price.

Despite the small size of Riley's market, the Op Art luminary continues to attract collectors with a low barrier to entry. Riley's works have an enduring and timeless appeal, toying with optical phenomena and perception. Through her distinctive approach to two-dimensionality, Riley remains one of the most innovative Post-War & Contemporary artists of our time.


Artist-cum-activist Keith Haring has been one of the most prolific and animated forces of Pop Art since his rise to fame in the 1980s. With an established, medium sized market, Haring's commercially iconic works have been met with success at auction and private sale for decades.

While 2022 marked an exceptional year for the Pop Art market in its entirety, Haring's market contracted thanks to a low volume of sales. Still, Haring epitomised the socially conscious nature of Pop & Urban Art in the 1980s, and collecting Haring's limited print editions affords collectors the opportunity to own crucial pieces of social, political, and art history.


Enfant terrible of the Young British Artists, Damien Hirst continues to blur the boundaries between artist and business mogul. With his so-called ”art factory” driving the size of his output, Hirst has established himself as one of the most prominent figures in the Contemporary Art world and the aficionado of controversy. Hirst remains a prolific force today, which is reflected in the significant value growth of his secondary print market over the last 24 months.


While 2022 marked an exceptional year for the Pop Art market in its entirety, Roy Lichtenstein's market has shown particularly strong value growth in the last 24 months. Inspired by comic-books and advertisements, Lichtenstein quickly established himself as one of the key pillars of the Pop Art movement. Lichtenstein's prints are ubiquitous and enduring, and have therefore attracted record prices at auction for decades.

Lichtenstein's mature market has continued to prove a classic long term investment, his market size steadily increasing by 36% since 2017. Moving forward into 2023, Lichtenstein's prints remain stable investments, and a desirable opportunity to enter the thriving Pop Art market.

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