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Roy Lichtenstein: Imperfect 58″ X 92 3/8″ - Signed Mixed Media

Imperfect 58″ X 92 3/8″
Signed Mixed Media

Roy Lichtenstein


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Mixed Media, 1988
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 45
H 147cm x W 234cm

Critical Review

Created between the years of 1978 and 1995, the Perfect/Imperfect series is a sensational example of the varied technical and formal strategies implemented by Lichtenstein. Although they were created concurrently, the two series manifest the subject matter of pure abstraction differently. Whereas the Perfect prints stay within the limits of the composition, the Imperfect prints disrupt pictorial limitations.

Imperfect 58 from 1988 shows variably sized triangular elements, bordered by strong black outlines. Some components are depicted through flat colour planes, while others are supplied with texture and tone by the dots and stripes populating their surfaces. The left of the canvas is black and white, composed of complete geometrical forms. On the opposite side, Lichtenstein presents a brilliant colour scheme and a fractured array of smaller shapes. The sharp tip of a triangle protrudes through the right of the rectangular backdrop, breaking the edge of the framework.

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