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Imperfect Diptych 57 7/8″ x 93 3/4″

Imperfect Diptych 57 7/8″ x 93 3/4″
Signed Mixed Media

Roy Lichtenstein

Mixed Media, 1988
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 45
H 122cm x W 213cm

Critical Review

Rather than deriving inspiration from cartoon strips and advertisements, the subject matter of the two series is entirely self-generated. Lichtenstein explores an original design in the related sequences, manifesting stunning representations of pure abstraction. However, whereas the Perfect prints conform to the framework, the explosive Imperfect compositions puncture the edges of the canvas.

Completed in 1988, Imperfect Diptych 57, is based on the historical tradition of altarpieces, in the same vein as Imperfect Diptych 46. Lichtenstein depicts the illusion of a paired print on a single panel, applying a pastel colour scheme to both sides of the pictorial plane. As opposed to Imperfect Diptych 46, Imperfect Diptych 57 showcases a continuous but divided image. If it were a real diptych with hinges, the tonally and dimensionally more vivid right image would fit perfectly inside the hollow and flat left side.