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Sleeping Baby Blue (NHS Blue)

Sleeping Baby Blue (NHS Blue)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2015
Signed Print Edition of 25

Critical Review

Sleeping Baby (NHS blue) is a screen print on paper in blue, white and black, depicting a lone baby in repose.

With Sleeping Baby, Stik displays his reverence for the NHS. It is based on a mural painted by Stik at Homerton Hospital, London, Stik’s local hospital, where thousands queued for a chance to pick up a signed edition of the print. Stik has remarked: “As an artist I’m acting as a representative of my community, showing fondness and love for an institution we all need, and expressing its vulnerability – and strength also”. This paradox of strength and frailty is expressed vividly in Sleeping Baby; the figure could be interpreted as taking a hearty rest or, from a different point of view, cowering vulnerably.

In celebrating the work of the NHS, and fostering community through the interactions engendered by his art, Stik expresses his optimistic vision of community. He remarks: “I was led to believe that society does not exist. I reject that wholeheartedly – society does exist, and in reclaiming society we’re rediscovering it.” At once fragile and calm, the figure in Sleeping Baby speaks of an institution that represents both human frailty and human bravery.