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Sleeping Baby (yellow)

Sleeping Baby (yellow)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2015
Signed Print Edition of 25

Critical Review

Against a backdrop of vibrant yellow, this Sleeping Baby print shows a slumbering baby, symbolic of a vulnerable NHS. Unlike the largely ageless character of Stik’s figures, this print places the innocence and youth of its subject centre stage. Despite the artist’s confident line work, the piece expresses vulnerability and warmth simultaneously.

With this piece, Stik hones in on the community-focussed ethos of his work. He notes:  “The people who queued through the night to buy the print, and the people who came down to support the event and volunteered to help, are all responding to something they believe in that I’ve just shone a light on.” Sleeping Baby is a trademark of Stik in its embodiment of street art as a platform for wider discussion around pressing social issues. He continues: “Our society is deeply worried about losing the NHS. People feel powerless about it, and I’ve had so many people thanking me for doing this project – but really I haven’t done anything. All I’ve done is painted a picture.”