Banksy Rude Copper Signed Print

Rude Copper Banksy

Rude Copper was originally a Banksy mural, which was seen first in London. As a print, it was first seen in 2002, and is considered to be a very early Banksy print, potentially one of the very first. As a Banksy art, this piece is well-known and is regularly in demand; its relatively low edition size contributes to its desirability – there is a very low amount of Rude Copper signed prints and 250 unsigned prints. The black and white British police officer is sticking his middle finger up at the viewer, the perspective of the piece gives the impression of the officer’s hand coming out of the canvas – a sense of momentum seemingly propelling his fist forward. Wearing an old style, traditional custodian helmet, Rude Copper has a vintage feel to it, reminiscent of the old ‘Bobbies on the Beat’ style of British policing, but the actions of the officer and the fact this is face is largely shadowed certainly adds a sinister nature to the subject. Such is the police officers stance and arrogance, his other arm obscured behind his back, this could almost be someone impersonating a police officer, sticking his finger up at authority by mocking them openly.