Graham Bignell Studio

Graham Bignell Studio offers expertise in fine art printing and conservation, blending modern techniques with respect for historical integrity.
Graham Bignell Studio

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About Graham Bignell Studio

Graham Bignell Studio is a preeminent establishment in the realm of fine art printing and restoration, based in the heart of the UK. The studio is celebrated for its exquisite craftsmanship, combining traditional techniques with contemporary innovations to produce and restore works with exceptional quality and integrity. At the helm is Graham Bignell, a master printer with an illustrious career that spans decades, dedicated to the meticulous art of printmaking and the conservation of printed materials.

Specialising in a wide array of services, Graham Bignell offers expertise in fine art printing, including linocut, wood engraving, woodcut and letterpress printing catering to both artists seeking to create original works and collectors aiming to preserve historical pieces. The studio’s approach is deeply collaborative, working closely with artists and clients to ensure that each print or restoration project reflects the original vision and maintains the highest standards of quality.

Restoration and conservation services at Graham Bignell Studio are marked by a meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the artwork’s original condition and historical significance. Utilising the latest techniques and materials, the studio adeptly addresses issues such as fading, damage, and wear, breathing new life into vintage prints and ensuring their longevity for future generations to admire and study.

What sets Graham Bignell Studio apart is not just the technical expertise and artistry it brings to each project, but also its commitment to education and advocacy for the art of printmaking. The studio serves as a resource and inspiration for both seasoned professionals and emerging talents in the art community, fostering a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of printmaking and the importance of preservation.

Graham Bignell Studio

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