How MyPortfolio Is Changing the Game for Collectors

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In an era where data and technology are becoming increasingly interwoven with our everyday lives, there's one sector where this intersection is causing a revolutionary transformation—the world of art. MyArtBroker is thrilled to announce MyPortfolio, which, thanks to its groundbreaking Repeat Sales Regression (RSR) algorithm, is redefining how collectors and investors buy, sell, and understand the value of art. The world of art collecting has often been seen as shrouded in mystery, but with MyPortfolio, this veil is being lifted, providing an unprecedented degree of control, insight, and personalisation.

A New Era in the Art Market: MyPortfolio

At the vanguard of this revolution is MyPortfolio, the only dedicated print market index in the world. Tapping into an extensive database of over 48,760 auction histories and over 30,000 data points, MyPortfolio's innovative RSR algorithm analyses this wealth of information to provide a personalised experience that is a first in the global art market. By tracking the demand and supply of the print market in real time, MyPortfolio empowers members to curate, manage, and understand their portfolios with precision, something long sought after by art enthusiasts and collectors around the globe.

Unleashing The Power of Big Data: The RSR Algorithm

What sets MyPortfolio apart is its utilisation of data and the sophisticated technology driving its analysis. At the heart of MyPortfolio is over 30 years of results data, the network’s private valuations data, and specialist manual upkeep. This data, analysed through the lens of the RSR approach, provides an unparalleled perspective on the art market landscape. The RSR model uses the sale price of individual prints to estimate their value fluctuations over time, providing a deep understanding of the market's ebbs and flows. But it doesn't stop there.

In a first for the art world, MyPortfolio also considers relationship structures between different prints, allowing for a more comprehensive and nuanced analysis. Behaviours of closely related prints are factored into the RSR algorithm, which helps create a comprehensive picture of an artwork's value and potential. This multifaceted analysis, which combines historic and current sales data with an understanding of interrelated print behaviours, sets a new gold standard in the art world, unrivalled in its scope and depth.

Trust and Transparency: Safeguarding User Data

In addition to the technical sophistication of MyPortfolio, the platform also places a premium on the privacy and security of user data. Transparency and security are not mere add-ons; they are integral to the MyPortfolio experience. All data within the platform is encrypted using 2FA as standard, ensuring the safety and privacy of user information.

The value estimates generated by MyPortfolio take into consideration a myriad of factors, such as the condition of the print, the average price at auction houses, and even the buyer's premium. These factors paint a comprehensive and transparent picture of the artwork's value, helping collectors understand exactly what to expect when they enter the market.

In-Depth Market Analysis: Decoding MyPortfolio's Calculation Methodology

Where MyPortfolio truly shines is its proprietary calculation methodology. By parsing through thousands of public and private market histories, and deploying its innovative RSR algorithm, MyPortfolio is capable of generating an accurate final estimate of an artwork's value. It takes into account the relative volatility of a print’s value compared to the market as a whole and includes historic sales prices factored in using multiple rolling “look-back” periods. This allows the algorithm to factor in recent price activity for a specific print, offering collectors a unique perspective on their prospective investments.

The MyPortfolio algorithm also incorporates the relationship structures between different prints, which allows the behaviours of closely related prints to be factored into the analysis. The interplay of these factors produces a detailed and accurate estimate of value, granting collectors unprecedented insight into their current and potential investments.

MyPortfolio's Real Time Data Tracking

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of MyPortfolio is its real time tracking capability. With live updates and real time data feeds, MyPortfolio offers a dynamic view of the global art market. This allows members to connect with active collectors and investors around the world, monitor the status of artworks they're interested in or plan to offer for sale, and make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information available.

Connecting with the MyArtBroker Network

Becoming a MyPortfolio member means becoming part of a thriving community of over 30,000 collectors, dealers, galleries, and independent experts globally. This expansive network is dedicated to offering the most coveted and authentic Modern & Contemporary prints, providing a platform for collectors to broaden their horizons and deepen their connections in the art world.

Navigating the Market with Precision: The Growth Indicator

MyPortfolio's Growth Indicator is a novel feature providing a snapshot of an artwork's Average Annual Growth Rate (AAGR) over the past five years. This tool, combined with the world's only dedicated print market index, empowers users to make well-informed investment decisions.

Your Personal Art Collection Dashboard

The user-friendly design of MyPortfolio offers a personal dashboard where users can manage their collection effectively. The platform enables users to add an unlimited number of artworks and closely track market changes. MyArtBroker also ensures a high standard of data privacy, meaning personal collection details are visible only to the user, and all accounts are secured with 2-factor authentication.

Read our Guide to MyPortfolio for a step-by-step tutorial on how to curate your dashboard, and realise the potential of your collection.

The art world is entering a new era, where collectors are seeking personalisation, access, control, and transparency like never before. With MyPortfolio, MyArtBroker is not just keeping pace with the evolution of the art market but leading the way, reshaping the game for collectors around the world. Join MyPortfolio today and experience the future of art collecting.

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