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Speaking on the Banksy market

The Banksy Market: Past, Present & Future

In this live streamed panel, the panelists Florence Whittaker, Joe Syer, Helena Poole & Charlotte Stewart, discuss various topics related to the Banksy market past, present & future.

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Banksy's hand finished prints
Banksy's hand finished printsAmong his diverse portfolio, Banksy's hand finished prints occupy a special place, bringing viewers teasingly close to his personal touch. These print...
Banksy's Prints: Girl With Balloon
Banksy's Prints: Girl With BalloonWe sit with Florence Whittaker, our Banksy specialist, to discuss Banksy's prints with a special focus on the Girl With Balloon print - remembering th...
How To Authenticate Banksy Prints - A Guide To Banksy's Pest Control
How To Authenticate Banksy Prints - A Guide To Banksy's Pest ControlBuying or selling a Banksy? Then a Pest Control COA (certificate of authenticity) is required. Pest Control is the only body officially permitted to a...

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