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Cats Named Sam IV 64

Cats Named Sam IV 64
Unsigned Print

Andy Warhol

Lithograph, 1954
Unsigned Print Edition of 190
H 23cm x W 15cm

Critical Review

Cats Named Sam IV 64 is part of the Cats Named Sam series, produced by Warhol in 1954 to accompany a children’s book he published, 25 Cats Name (sic) Sam and One Blue Pussy. Despite what might be expected from the title of the book, Warhol produced 16, not 25 lithograph prints alongside the book. While the original book is extremely rare, the prints have survived and are some of the earliest works by Warhol on the market today.

This series marks the start of Warhol’s career as a Pop artist and his experimentation with printing techniques and combining simple sketches with bright blocks of colour that could be added after the lithograph process. Cats Named Sam IV 64 reflects Warhol’s playful use of colour and each print in this series has a unique colour composition, meaning no two cats, despite their names, are alike.

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