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Andy Warhol: Cats Named Sam IV 60 - Unsigned Print

Cats Named Sam IV 60
Unsigned Print

Andy Warhol


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Lithograph, 1954
Unsigned Print Edition of 190
H 23cm x W 15cm

Critical Review

Cats Named Sam IV 60 is part of the Cats Named Sam series, produced by Warhol in 1954 near the start of the artist's career. One of 16 lithograph prints, all of cats, Cats Named Sam IV 60 is one of Warhol's earliest works on the market today. The inspiration for this series came from Warhol's mother, Julia, who lived with him at the time in New York, along with her 25 cats. The prints were produced by Warhol to accompany the children's book he also published, 25 Cats Name (sic) Sam and One Blue Pussy.

The print features Warhol’s signature blotted line technique which came to mark much of the early work he made in the 1940s and 1950s. Cats Named Sam IV 60 captures Warhol’s technique of combining simple black lines with hand painted blocks of colour that could be added after the process of making the lithograph.

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