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Andy Warhol: Santa Claus (F. & S. II.266) - Signed Print

Santa Claus (F. & S. II.266)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol


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Screenprint, 1981
Signed Print Edition of 200
H 97cm x W 97cm

Toni Clayton

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Critical Review

The figure in Santa Claus (F. & S. II.266) is depicted wearing his traditional red bobble hat which matches his fluffy white beard. White dominates the composition which has a splash of red in the background. Warhol uses orange crayon-like lines to add detail to the print and delineate the character’s facial features, such as his warm eyes and knowing smile.

Santa Claus (F. & S. II.266) is part of Warhol’s Myths collection which features ten screen prints, all of which depict an icon or idol from American popular culture. Santa Claus is arguably a global icon that has become the universal figure representing Christmas. According to popular folklore, St. Nicholas would travel all over the world, delivering presents to children the night before Christmas. The story is internationally recognised and the figure of Santa Claus has become heavily commercialised, like many other idols from popular culture.

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