The Witch (F. & S. II.261)

The Witch (F. & S. II.261)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol

Screenprint, 1981
Signed Print Edition of 200
H 97cm x W 97cm

Critical Review

Warhol creates an immediately recognisable icon with this print that shows Hamilton embodying her role as the quintessential American villain, her mouth wide open and captured mid-shriek. The witch’s face is illuminated in lurid green and her jet black silhouette is outlined in bright red, set against a backdrop in night-sky blue. The resulting image is a fair more sinister version of the childhood fictional character than we may remember.

Commenting on the myth making in Old Hollywood films and Walt Disney cartoons that produce the stereotypical heroes and villains of the 20th century, Warhol’s title choice for the series is apt. Alongside Warhol’s famous portraits of the ‘heroines’ Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jackie Kennedy, The Witch is the feminine anti-hero of Pop Art.

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