A Seller's Guide to Antony Gormley

an image of a print by Antony Gormley, named Free. It depicts a black human silhouette flailing in the centre of the composition, against a background of black straight lines and a yellow gradient.Image © Phillips / Free © Antony Gormley 2019
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Antony Gormley, a celebrated British sculptor and printmaker, has established a remarkable body of work centred around movement and the human body. Through his sculptural practice, Gormley explores the stillness and silence inherent in the representation of the human form. His prints serve as conceptual studies for his larger sculptural pieces, capturing the essence of where humanity exists within the evolving fabric of life. These prints exemplify the presence of the solitary human body, existing in its own temporal and spatial context. Gormley's international acclaim is evidenced by his participation in prestigious exhibitions worldwide, making his prints a unique and captivating addition to any art portfolio.

How Much Do Antony Gormley Prints Sell For?

Prices for Antony Gormley prints and editions can vary greatly depending on factors such as edition size, rarity, condition, and provenance. Gormley prints typically sell for anywhere between £600 and £100,000. In 2022 Gormley’s prints market excelled on the secondary market, often outperforming preset estimates. One exceptional sale in 2019 at Phillips was Free selling for £4,032, which doubled its high estimate of £2,000.

Researching recent sales of similar works is useful for understanding your print's value. However, navigating the auction market can be challenging and complex. At MyArtBroker, we perform free valuations, and our MyPortfolio service helps to identify fluctuations and the current status of Gormley's art market.

“I feel that in a time of attention deficit, where we’re all ruled by smartphones, we are in danger of being told what to think. Art is no longer the province of the rich and powerful, by which they continue their dominance – it has to be a conversation in which the viewer does at least half of the work.’’
Antony Gormley
The signature of Antony Gormley, on a poster for one of his exhibitions in 1993.Image © Bukowskis / Malmo Exhibition Poster (Signed) © Antony Gormley 1993

How Do You Authenticate an Antony Gormley Print?

Authenticating an Antony Gormley print requires an expert examination of the work for edition number and artist’s signature, which is further used to conduct provenance research to determine authenticity. Having a clear and verifiable provenance increases the value of a work, so any relevant documents, including invoices, certificates of authenticity, and exhibition history verifying previous ownership, are important to consider.

At MyArtBroker, we are happy to facilitate sales and our passionate team of experts can carry out the due diligence necessary for authenticating works, simplifying the sales process for you.

An image of the exhibition Living Time by Antony Gormley. It shows a large room, with glass windows, in which iron-like spheres seem to fluctuate.Image © Living Time TAG Art Museum / Installation © Antony Gormley 2023

Has Your Antony Gormley Print Been Kept In Good Condition?

The condition of your Antony Gormley print plays a significant role in its value. Buyers and collectors are likely to invest in prints that are in excellent condition without signs of wear, fading, or damage. To best maintain the condition of prints, you must ensure that it is stored in a dry, temperature-controlled environment, mounted on acid-free paper behind UV-protective glass, away from direct sunlight and humidity. Unframed prints must be handled carefully while wearing art-handling cotton gloves and stored safely away from environmental impediments such as direct light, high temperatures and water. Regularly inspect your print for signs of deterioration and consider having it professionally cleaned or restored if needed – it is best to prevent damage rather than repair it.

However, despite your best efforts, prints may wear and tear over time. Paper can wrinkle and warp. There could be sun or water damage, which can cause small tears or fraying, etc. In that case, you should send your print to a specialist conservator who can ensure any signs of damage are lessened or reversed entirely. We have created a guide on best caring for and restoring your prints.

An image of the print Inhabit by artist Antony Gormley. It depicts a black and grey human-like shape composed entirely of blocks, with a light wood grain print.Inhabit © Antony Gormley 2016

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Antony Gormley Print?

Timing the sale of your Antony Gormley print can be crucial, and it is important to keep an eye on the art market as demand for the artist’s work may fluctuate. The optimal time to sell an artwork often aligns with periods of heightened interest in the artist's market, which can be sparked by retrospective exhibitions or notable sales of their works. These indicators suggest that selling during such periods is more likely to yield higher returns on your investment

By tracking auction sales and gallery exhibitions, you can easily identify when an artist's market is thriving, indicating a good time to sell. Stay ahead of market trends and make informed decisions with MyArtBroker's cutting-edge tool, MyPortfolio. Our exclusive platform combines comprehensive sales data from auctions and our private sales, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in showcasing an artist's market fluctuations. Take advantage of this powerful resource to stay informed and maximise your opportunities in the art market.

Lastly, when timing artwork sales, you should consider the broader economic climate, as buyers may be more or less willing to purchase or invest in the art depending on the economy's overall health. Currently, Gormley’s work is on display at the exhibition Living Time at the TAG Art Museum in China, which is the most comprehensive showing of his work in Asia to date. The presence of this exhibition signifies a notable expansion of Gormley's influence, indicating a potential surge in demand for his works within the Asian art market. Discover further insights on the trends shaping the Asian art market in our latest comprehensive report.

A screenshot of the landing page of MyArtBroker’s platform MyPortfolio, depicting the values of Banksy’s artwork and fluctuations in the art market.MyPortfolio © MyArtBroker 2023

Where Can I Sell My Antony Gormley Print?

Selling An Antony Gormley Via Auction House

Auction houses can be an excellent option for selling your Antony Gormley print as they have a vast network of buyers and collectors and sales strategies that generate competitive bidding that drives higher prices. Renowned auction houses like Christie's, Sotheby's, and Phillips have consistently achieved impressive sales results for Gormley's works, often surpassing initial estimates. When a series of consecutive successful sales occur within a brief timeframe, it serves as a compelling signal to consider selling your artwork.

However, auction fees and commissions are important to understand as these largely impact net earnings from successful sales. Furthermore, given the nature of prints and multiples, auction houses may have several parties interested in consigning the same work. In these instances, auction houses may spread consignments across multiple sales to keep interest and bidding high.

Selling An Antony Gormley Via a Broker

A viable alternative to auction sales is using a private broker. Art Brokers have extensive market knowledge and connections, ensuring your print reaches the right network of buyers. In exchange for their services, private brokers usually charge a commission on the sale price – these fees can vary. It is advised to research reputable brokers who specialise in contemporary art and have experience with Gormley's work.

Selling An Antony Gormley Via Online Marketplace

Online marketplaces like MyArtBroker offer a more accessible platform for selling your Antony Gormley print. These platforms allow you to list your print at a price you are comfortable with, where it will reach a global audience of potential buyers within minutes. Utilising online marketplaces offers the advantage of expediting the sale process, ensuring that you receive the proceeds from your artwork faster compared to traditional auction sales. It is important to research the fees and policies of each platform before listing your print to ensure a smooth selling process.  When listing a work, high-quality images and detailed descriptions of your print will be required, as this helps to attract potential buyers and is needed for the authentication process and condition report check.

MyArtBroker stands out from other platforms by providing an exceptional level of transparency and offering a dual role as both a personal broker and an online marketplace. Our unique approach enables us to act as intermediaries, guaranteeing that you maximise your profits. With our extensive research and expertise, we help establish a fair market value, identify potential buyers, and provide assistance with authentication, condition checking, and shipping. Consider us your all-in-one solution for a seamless art transaction experience.

A shadow-like outline of a male human body with two darker circles on the head to give the appearance of eyes places aganist a beige background.Image © Phillips / Learning To Be XX © Antony Gormley

Why Sell Your Antony Gormley with MyArtBroker?

A Dedicated Broker

MyArtBroker is a specialist art brokerage service that can provide guidance on building a collection and help you source prints from trusted resources. When working with MyArtBroker, you will be connected to a large network of collectors looking to buy and sell art. You will be assigned your own personal broker, who will work with you to find a buyer for the piece you are looking to sell at the price you are willing to sell for.

Our Network

Our global network consists of over 30,000 collectors buying and selling works daily on our Trading Floor, giving you real-time access to our market data. We also work closely with a global network of galleries and independent experts to ensure we only offer authentic Antony Gormley works in excellent condition. Our buyer's trust is our top priority, which results in successful sales. Our website has 85,000+ monthly visitors, and we keep them updated with new works, auction results and news. We regularly publish informative guides that you can find in our exclusive Edition Magazine that discuss the artist’s biography, track the artist’s market performance and analyse Gormley’s style and techniques.

MyArtBroker has access to a growing worldwide network of collectors looking to buy and sell Gormley artworks. Contact us today to discuss selling a Gormley print, and we will guide you through the process.

Antony Gormley Collection Management with MyPortfolio

At MyArtBroker, we aim to simplify collecting, buying and selling prints. Managing your collection is one of the most crucial aspects of owning art, and having all your data in one place is key to efficiency. Our unique, MyPortfolio service is a free tool that guides our customers through the complexities of the art market, helping to keep track of your collection’s value and providing up-to-date information about performance and demand.