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A young man wearing denim and an oversized hooded sweatshirt, with a bandana covering his face and his hood pulled up, stands in a wide stance. He has one hand in his pocket and holds a cartoon barking dog on a chain leash. The artwork is set against a vibrant flourescent green background.Choose Your Weapon (Fluoro Green) © Banksy 2010
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Analysing the market performance of Banksy's Choose Your Weapon (CYW), by colour reveals valuable insights into the coveted collection. Released in 2010, this iconic artwork showcases a hooded figure holding a barking cartoon dog–appropriating Keith Haring’s original icon prints–symbolising a commentary on street gangs and gun violence. Originally appearing on the walls of a pub in Bermondsey, South London, Banksy's clever fusion of menace and playfulness challenges societal norms. CYW was first released in 15 different colourways, with 14 editions consisting of 25 signed prints and the main edition limited to 100 grey prints. Other VIP editions were released at a later date, including Fluoro Green. At MyArtBroker, we currently have six CYW prints available, including rare colours that have caught our attention.

Banksy Choose Your Weapon Colour Performance in the Market

The following colours of this coveted print demonstrate exceptional rarity in the market:

  1. Fluoro Green
  2. Silver
  3. Dark Blue
  4. Lemon
  5. Turquoise
  6. Hand-finished, White

Leveraging our MyPortfolio feature and data sources, we closely examined the market performance of these colours to gauge their value and investment potential. Our findings highlight the scarcity of these colours in the market, making them particularly sought after.

A bubble chart representing Banksy's Choose Your Weapon market performance categorised by the colours of individual print sales.Banksy Choose Your Weapon Market Performance © MyArtBroker 2023

Choose Your Weapon Turquoise Market Perfromance

CYW Turquoise has established a notable presence in the art market, having made four appearances on the secondary market. Its initial sale at Christie's in September 2013 achieved £9,921 (hammer), and subsequent sales demonstrated consistent increases, resulting in an average growth of +72% across its four secondary market appearances. The most recent sale took place in September 2019, where it commanded a hammer price of £42,000 in Sotheby's online auction. Turquoise was one of the eight colour variations released by Pictures on Walls, where collectors eagerly queued overnight, with reports of queue jumping. These factors further emphasise the interest and rarity associated with this particular work and colour.

Choose Your Weapon Lemon and Fluoro Green Market Performance

Catering to the preferences of enthusiasts seeking vibrant and neon hues, CYW Lemon has made its mark in the market on two occasions. Its first appearance took place in September 2019 at Christie's, where it achieved a hammer price of £41,667. Later, in December 2020, it reemerged at Phillips Hong Kong, commanding an impressive hammer price of £143,384. Remarkably, both sales featured the same edition number, 17 out of 25, demonstrating a +244% increase in sales value within a single year for the same print. This substantial surge highlights the demand and appreciation for this captivating Lemon edition of the collection.

On the other hand, CYW Fluoro Green stands out as an exceedingly rare colour option, released later in the series. Its vibrant and appealing aesthetics have captivated collectors, resulting in a scarcity of availability on the secondary market. To date, only one edition, specifically edition 8 out of 25, has been listed, achieving an impressive hammer price of £241,920 at Sotheby's in March 2021. This exceptional figure not only represents the highest sale among the available colours currently offered by MyArtBroker but also stands as the record-breaking price achieved for any of the colours released in this iconic print. Collectors who possess Fluoro Green editions have chosen to hold onto them, recognising their desirability and potential value appreciation.

Choose Your Weapon Dark Blue and Silver Market Performance

CYW Dark Blue is an alluring colour variation that also holds a special appeal. Its scarcity is evident, with only two Dark Blue prints entering the market. This recent sale took place in September 2023 at Christie's, where it commanded a hammer price of £100,000, realising £126,000, including fees. Despite signs of correction in Banksy's market following the surge of 2020 and 2021, the sales of this print indicate sustained interest in the CYW collection.

CYW Silver, released as an exclusive VIP edition, has seen two prints circulate in the secondary market. The initial sale occurred in October 2018 at Sotheby's, fetching a price of £42,258 (hammer). The second sale took place in August 2022, also at Sotheby's, achieving a hammer price of £110,880. This represents a notable difference of +162% in sales value between the two transactions over a four-year period. The limited availability and VIP status of the Silver edition contribute to its desirability and potential for investment.

Choose Your Weapon Hand-Finshed White Market Performance

MyArtBroker currently holds one CYW Hand-Finished White edition. This exceptional VIP edition has not yet made its way to the secondary market, with all available editions being held in private hands. However, our comprehensive live data sourced from our Trading Floor with an extensive network of over 30,000 collectors reveals a strong and consistent demand for both Hand-Finished White editions.

The table below presents a detailed breakdown of the total sales value by transaction volume for the CYW prints that we have available now and have already circulated in the secondary market:

Banksy Choose Your Weapon Total Sales Value x Transaction Volume

A bar chart illustrating the total sales value and transaction volume of Banksy's Choose Your Weapon collection in specific colours, showcasing the market performance.Banksy Choose Your Weapon Total Sales Value and Transaction Volume © MyArtBroker 2023

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