Picolinic Acid

Picolinic Acid
Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Woodcut, 2011
Signed Print Edition of 55
H 20cm x W 51cm

Critical Review

As with all of the spot paintings that Hirst has produced in his career, this print is formulaic and crisp in form. The spots are a perfect circle and semi-circle set against a clinical white backdrop. Their clean edges and bright, flat colours indicate a lack of human touch in the production of this print. Hirst in fact employed assistants to produce them and the paintings are painstaking and laborious to produce.

The formulaic compositions of the 40 Woodcut Spots series explore the boundaries between aesthetics and science and are based in Hirst’s fascination with colour combinations and harmony. The series embodies Hirst’s artistic oeuvre that interrogates the intersections between the scientific and the artistic that are wrongly assumed to be oppositional in contemporary culture.

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