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David Hockney: Chair, 38 The Colony, Malibu - Signed Print

Chair, 38 The Colony, Malibu
Signed Print

David Hockney


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Lithograph, 1973
Signed Print Edition of 60

Critical Review

While Hockney’s name is strongly attached to a buoyant imagery and bold colour palette that permeate his famous portraits, depictions of Southern California, and vibrant interior spaces, such as the studio on Montcalm Avenue, the still life conveys a deeply vulnerable side of his artistic practice. The minimalism of the scene and precise line drawings contrast with the exuberant style of the later works, such Walking Past Two Chairs (1984-6), Celia With Chair (1986), or Montcalm Interior With 2 Dogs (1988).

The year of 1971 marks the ending of Hockney’s relationship with the American artist and author, Peter Schlesinger. As a result, many of his works from 1971 to 1973 make subtle references to the painful experience of absence. Considering the personal context, the dented cushions seem to be the essential element in the construction of the image. They suggest it is not long since the chair has been vacated and thus turn the object into a universal symbol of longing and loneliness.

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