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Fifth Detail, Snails Space, March 27th 1995

Fifth Detail, Snails Space, March 27th 1995
Signed Print

David Hockney

Digital Print, 1995
Signed Print Edition of 45
H 84cm x W 107cm

Critical Review

Fifth Detail, Snails Space, March 27th 1995 is a digital print depicting work from Daivd Hockney’s Snails Space series, which grew out of Hockney’s practice of arranging separate canvases around his studio, painting the floor, and inviting his visitors to step into the colourful, vibrant world of his paintings. Here, the artist painted canvases and arranged them perpendicularly, so they create the set of an imagined world. Three-dimensional and painted patterns and shapes suggest enchanted hills, houses and forests. In Fifth Detail, small cuboid structures mimic houses, set in front of sprawling hills. The title offers a pun and suggestion on behalf of the artist: he is inviting his viewers into a fantastical world, to sit down and observe the world: to indulge in the pleasure of looking and comprehend how beautiful the world is at a slower pace. Snails Space represents yet another aspect of Hockney’s sprawling career, in which he does not limit himself to certain mediums, but endeavours to explore all possible methods of artistic output.