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Third Detail, Snails Space, March 27th 1995

Third Detail, Snails Space, March 27th 1995
Signed Print

David Hockney

Digital Print, 1995
Signed Print Edition of 40
H 82cm x W 105cm

Critical Review

Third Detail, Snail Space, March 27th 1995, in one print in a series of five, depicting a fictional world David Hockney created, inspired by his own studio. Hockney’s studio is, allegedly, full of paintings: lining the walls, scattered on the floor, covering any and every possible surface area. Out of this chaos, came the inspiration for Snail Space, in which Hockney joins two canvases perpendicularly so that they form a mock up of a stage set. This miniature, scaled-down world, vibrant and colourful, delights in its own oddity. The abstracted forms within mimic hills, streams and houses, constructing a fictive world. Hockney’s Snail Space series has frequently been regarded as a summary of Hockney’s career and a poignant example of his belief that art should “overcome the sterility of despair”.