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Invasion Book 2.0, Paris

Invasion Book 2.0, Paris
Signed Ceramic


Ceramic, 2012
Signed Ceramic Edition of 50

Critical Review

Invasion Book 2.0, Paris was published as part of Invader’s ambitious installation project, the Space Invaders project, which the artist started in 1998. The project, which was inspired by Taito’s arcade game, involves Invader installing mosaics of aliens onto the walls of various cities all over the world.

Invasion Book 2.0, Paris provides detail of where the mosaics Invader installed during his second ‘invasion wave’ of Paris can be located and acts as a guide for avid lovers of Invader’s work to track down the original artworks. Invader has also created an online database, alongside a collection of books, to track all the artworks he has installed all over the world.

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