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Jean-Michel Basquiat: Boxer Rebellion - Unsigned Print

Boxer Rebellion
Unsigned Print

Jean-Michel Basquiat


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Screenprint, 2018
Unsigned Print Edition of 60
H 74cm x W 100cm

Critical Review

Not only is the doodle-like rendering of the boxers typical of Basquiat's self-consciously childlike drawing style, but it also suggests the influence of popular visual media of the era, reinforced by the text reading ‘TECHNICOLOR’. To this point, there is no doubt that the inspiration behind his depiction of human bodies far transcended the realm of the scholarly medical text Gray’s Anatomy.  Leonhard Emmerling notes: “to his predilection for anatomic charts and love of children’s drawing style, Basquiat adds an occasional reliance on comic-book sources like Mad, Batman, Superman and Popeye. In no way does his painting try to disguise the many inspirations drawn unadulterated from television and the popular visual media.”

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