Wolf Sausage

Wolf Sausage
Signed Print

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Screenprint, 1982
Signed Print Edition of 50
H 56cm x W 76cm

Critical Review

The image of a dog with a top hat, which appears to loom menacingly over much of the piece, recalls the humanisation of animals in a number of Basquiat works through adornment. In Trophy, a penguin dons a top hat. In Pez Dispenser, a dinosaur wears a majestic gold crown. This anthropomorphism is undercut by the title and images of meat in Wolf Sausage, thereby juxtaposing the aggrandising of animals with their use as food products. This kind of potent acknowledgement of society’s hypocrisy is emblematic of Hunter Drohojowska’s assertion that “Basquiat’s works are direct and furious reflections of a decadent, sadistic society”.