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Keith Haring: Lucky Strike (blue, white) - Signed Print

Lucky Strike (blue, white)
Signed Print

Keith Haring


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Screenprint, 1987
Signed Print Edition of 30

Critical Review

The print depicts the Lucky Strike packaging with cigarettes protruding from the box in swirling shapes. A hand rendered in orange touches the box on the edges, holding it from the bottom. The Lucky Strike box, cigarettes, and human hand, as the main elements of the print, are all outlined in bold black lines, the use of which became Haring’s trademark already at an early stage of his career associated with such works as Untitled (1982).

Like all screen prints in the series, Lucky Strike was signed in plate by the artist. Similarly to works included in Absolut, Haring’s first series created for brand advertising purposes, the recognizable cartoon-like imagery is accompanied here by a vibrant colour palette. The print juxtaposes white, orange, and red elements against a blue background, a combination evocative of the creative energies of the 1980s street culture that inspired Haring across his career.

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