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Roy Lichtenstein: Cloud And Sea - Signed Ceramic

Cloud And Sea
Signed Ceramic

Roy Lichtenstein


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Enamel, 1964
Signed Ceramic Edition of 6
H 76cm x W 153cm

Critical Review

Cloud And Sea employs Lichtenstein’s bold lines, signature dots, and accentuated colours to capture the dynamic intensity of a natural occurrence. In his pop rendition, the artist reworks the omnipresent motif of the sea, the clouds above and the sun lurking behind. Lichtenstein sprinkles the bright yellow horizon with deep red halftone dots, thereby alluding to the concealed presence of the warming rays. The white fluff of the clouds is reflected on the surface of the navy blue waves below.

In Cloud And Sea, the streaks of dots replace conventional tone, texture, and shading, functioning as a machine-like impression of the pointillist method. Through the use of firm lines and a reduced pattern, Lichtenstein creates a cartoon vista that captures the essential components of nature. As such, the work is the conceptual forerunner of the artist’s illustrative The New Fall of America suite of the 1990s. Additionally, the print also considers modes of representation and seeing, ideas Lichtenstein further explored in his Haystacks and Cathedral series.

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