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Roy Lichtenstein: Landscape With Boats - Signed Print

Landscape With Boats
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein


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Planographic print, 1996
Signed Print Edition of 60
H 90cm x W 165cm

Critical Review

Landscape with Boats is a testament to Lichtenstein’s creative singularity. Executed in 1996, the print belongs to a serene portfolio titled Landscapes in the Chinese Style. The grouping examines the atmospheric style of Chinese Master painters.

Landscape with Boats presents a horizontal landscape with calligraphic green and yellow branches rooted on a high hillside. Lichtenstein employs concentrated areas of dots throughout the scene to evoke dimension. The foliage is overlooking a cluster of blue hilltops and a misty, meandering river down below. Hazy suggestions of red and yellow are speckled across the water’s surface, denoting boats with tiny figures floating peacefully up the stream.

This print introduces a calculated interpretation of the landscape genre, while also offering a sophisticated deconstruction of generalised Eastern motifs. The work encompasses opposing forces, uniting the conventional and the modern; the hand-made and the machine-made. Lichtenstein here also considers modes of representation and seeing, ideas he previously explored in his Haystacks and Cathedral series.

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