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Roy Lichtenstein: Moonscape - Signed Print

Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein


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Screenprint, 1965
Signed Print Edition of 200
H 51cm x W 61cm

Critical Review

In addition, Moonscape is also part of Lichtenstein’s long-standing exploration into the conventions of the landscape genre. Spanning over thirty years of his career, Landscapes, Moonscapes and Seascapes feature several stand-alone portfolios and autonomous editions. The sequence transforms the art historical style into a brilliant superimposition of colours and shapes.

Moonscape employs a formal vocabulary inspired by popular culture, coupled with experimental materials. As such, the work consists of defined contours and vibrant pigments, presenting a fictitious nature scene with simulated reflections. The artist incorporates synthetic Rowlux sheets to support the emerging and intersecting patterns of his composition.

The intense blue plastic serves as the prismatic backdrop on which the various pictorial elements rest. Black stencil ripples imitate the reflective surface of water, while the red and white stream situated above mimics clouds in motion. The layered free-from fabric invokes a sense of organic movement and shifting light. Lichtenstein investigated similar optical themes in his later Mirrors and Reflections series.

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