Chocolate Buddha by Keith Haring

Chocolate Buddha Keith Haring

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Depicted in the artist’s graphic, linear style, Keith Haring’s Chocolate Buddha series consists of five prints rendered in contrasting colours such as red, blue, orange and pink. Each print features a variety of figures, creatures and objects, their limbs intertwined to create complex, symmetrical patterns. Chocolate Buddha 3 is the only print in the series that is not symmetrical in composition.

Completed the year before Haring’s death, this series amalgamates the artist’s clear-line figurative style with more complex and integrated compositions to form a series of highly abstracted images. Recalling styles of the ancient world such as Eastern Mandalas and Australian Aboriginal art, the Chocolate Buddha series also shows influence from the European Modernists such as Miro, Klee and Matisse. This is notable from the way in which the prints focus on flat, richly coloured shapes and patterns that play out across the image surface.

Striking a balance between figuration and abstracting, Haring’s Chocolate Buddha series has a kinetic energy, produced through his use of jarring colours and complex patterns. The series has a compulsive quality that fills out across each print in the series that injects the static images with a sense of movement. Furthermore, there is an electric flow of line that is satisfying for the viewer to follow, emphasised by each print’s symmetrical composition. By limiting himself to the use of two tones in each print, and by using his trademark, bold, thick lines, this set of prints maintain the eye-catching simplicity that Haring is so famous for.

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