Gen Z’s Picks for Prints Under $10K

Essie King
written by Essie King,
Date of publication23 Feb 2024
Last updated30 May 2024
Alex Katz’s Night: William Dunas Dance IV. A lithograph of a woman with blonde hair in a purple dress’s back profile against a teal background.Night: William Dunas Dance IV © Alex Katz
Joe Syer

Joe Syer, Co-Founder & Specialist[email protected]

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The intersection of affordable art and Generation Z collectors marks a transformative shift in the art market, with a focus on inclusivity, accessibility, and personal expression. This demographic, known for its digital savviness and ethical values, is actively reshaping the traditional paradigms of art collection. Through accessible price points under $10K, Gen Z is engaging with art in a manner that prioritises both financial prudence and a deep appreciation for creativity. By leveraging online platforms, art fairs, and auction houses, they are navigating a diverse landscape of opportunities to acquire meaningful art.

Why Affordable Art is Winning Over Gen Z

Affordable art is capturing the attention of Generation Z collectors for several compelling reasons. As digital natives, this demographic values accessibility and inclusivity, traits that affordable art embodies by breaking down the traditional barriers of the elite art world. With prices under $10K, prints and other accessible art forms offer an entry point into collecting without the daunting financial commitment often associated with fine art.

This affordability aligns with Gen Z's pragmatic approach to finances, reflecting their desire for investment pieces that also hold personal or aesthetic value. Moreover, affordable art allows for self-expression and supports emerging artists, resonating with Gen Z's preference for authenticity and social responsibility. As they curate their personal spaces and digital profiles, affordable art becomes a means to showcase their individuality, tastes, and values. The trend underscores a broader shift towards a more democratic and diverse art market, championing accessibility and inclusivity.



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Where Gen Z Can Buy Prints for Under $10K


The digital realm is the primary marketplace for Gen Z art enthusiasts, offering unparalleled access to a broad spectrum of affordable prints. Online galleries, such as Jealous, cater specifically to the needs and tastes of the younger generation, presenting a vast array of artworks by both emerging and established artists priced below £10,000. These platforms provide an easy and accessible way for collectors to discover new talents and acquire pieces that resonate with their personal aesthetic and values.

“KAWS was one of the reasons I started with art and collecting. I would say my prized possession in my collection would be my two four foot KAWS companions.”
Maurice Harkless, Collector

MyArtBroker stands out as a premier online destination for those seeking blue-chip prints without exceeding their budget. Specialising in sought-after artists like KAWS and Takashi Murakami – favourites of K-Pop icon RM – MyArtBroker offers an impressive selection alongside exceptional customer service, making it an ideal platform for serious collectors aiming to secure valuable prints at accessible prices.

In addition to the broader online galleries and brokerage platforms, Gen Z collectors have the unique opportunity to purchase prints directly from artists' own online shops. This direct-to-consumer approach significantly democratises the art collecting process, making it more personal, accessible, and transparent. Collectors can even buy prints directly from an artist’s shop online. David Shrigley’s Shrig Shop is a treasure chest of his prints and other collectibles at prices GenZ collectors don’t have to look away from.

Art Fairs

For Gen Z collectors eager to experience art in a more tangible setting, art fairs such as the London Original Print Fair and the Affordable Art Fair are perfect venues. These events provide a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of prints in person, from cutting-edge contemporary works to timeless classics. Held globally, these fairs not only allow collectors to purchase art directly but also to engage with the art community, gain insights from artists and experts, and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of art collecting.

Auction Houses

While auction houses traditionally cater to a more established collector base, they are increasingly becoming a viable option for Gen Z collectors looking for emerging artists' prints. However, it's important for younger buyers to be mindful of additional service fees that can affect the overall affordability of artworks. Auctions can offer the thrill of the bidding process and the chance to acquire rare and valuable prints, but Gen Z collectors are advised to carefully consider their budgets and the total cost of acquisition when exploring this avenue.

Tips for curating a collection of art prints on a budget

Define Your Taste

Start by exploring various styles and mediums to understand what resonates with you. Visit online galleries, follow art blogs, and use social media platforms to discover artists and movements that capture your interest. This foundational step ensures your collection is a reflection of your personal aesthetic and values.

Set a Budget

Determine a realistic budget to finance your art collection. This helps in making informed decisions and avoiding impulsive purchases that might be regretted later. Remember, the goal is to build a collection over time, not overnight.

Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power in the art world. Learn about art investing, the artists, the market, and the stories behind their works. Understanding the significance of a print can add to its value, both personally and financially.

Focus on Limited Editions

Limited edition prints offer a balance between affordability and exclusivity. They often come with a certificate of authenticity, which can enhance their value over time. Plus, supporting emerging artists through their limited editions can be a rewarding experience as you watch their careers grow.

Consider Condition and Authenticity

Always verify the condition of the print and ensure its authenticity. Ask for a certificate of authenticity and inquire about the print's history, especially if purchasing from secondary markets.

10 Prints for Gen Z Collectors Under £10,000

  1. Ai Weiwei's Middle Finger In Red
  2. STIK's Standing Figure (yellow)
  3. Takashi Murakami's Jellyfish Eyes
  4. Gerhard Richter's Heiner Friedrich
  5. David Shrigley's Fuck
  6. Alex Katz's Night: William Dunas Dance IV
  7. KAWS' Urge 9
  8. KAWS' Share
  9. George Condo's Clown
  10. Damien Hirst's The Souls IV (oriental gold, turquoise)
“It feels genuine. It feels like there’s a desire to put the sculpture up on your coffee table and nightstand, whereas perhaps older collectors may put a piece into storage to hold onto it as a future investment.”
Diana Rojas, Artist

Looking Ahead at Gen Z's Influence on Art Collecting

As Generation Z continues to cement its presence within the art collecting community, their influence promises to shape the future landscape of the art world in profound ways. Their preference for affordable, accessible art, especially prints under $10K, and their adept use of online platforms for discovery and purchase, forecast a more democratised and diversified art market. This shift towards digital avenues and direct artist engagements underscores a future where art collecting is characterised by greater transparency, direct support of emerging talents, and a closer connection between artists and their audiences.

Gen Z's impact is likely to encourage a broader cultural shift within the art world, fostering an environment where the value of art is measured not just by its price tag but by its ability to resonate with personal and societal values. As this generation matures, their continued advocacy for art that reflects diversity, innovation, and ethical considerations will likely inspire new standards for art creation, curation, and collection. The legacy of Gen Z collectors will be one of transformation and expansion, heralding a future where art is more accessible and meaningful to all.

Joe Syer

Joe Syer, Co-Founder & Specialist[email protected]

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