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Bomb Love

Bomb Love
Signed Spray Paint


Spray Paint, 2002
Signed Spray Paint Edition of 5

Critical Review

The way in which the girl affectionately hugs the bomb serves as a means for Banksy to comment on modern society’s love of and affection for warfare. The image is highly political and the artist suggests that society trades bombs by the millions as if they were harmless toys. Alternatively, the image could be seen in a more positive light, implying that the powerful forces of love and peace can overcome violence and warfare.

Made in 2002, the artwork was produced early on in Banksy’s artistic career before the artist had become a globally recognised figure. The canvas was exhibited at Banksy’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles at the 33 ⅓ Gallery and Banksy went on to make a name for himself in the United States following his Barely Legal Exhibit in 2006.

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