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H1-1 Enter The Infinite - Revelation - Tapestry by Damien Hirst 2016 - MyArtBroker

H1-1 Enter The Infinite - Revelation

Damien Hirst


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Tapestry, 2016
Tapestry Edition of 20

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Meaning & Analysis

Many of Hirst’s artworks are characterised by geometric precision, order and uniformity. A notable example of this is Hirst’s Spot paintings which the artist worked on between 1986 and 2011. In these paintings, Hirst produced grids of spots, all identical in size and evenly spaced out from one another. Hirst has also experimented with a looser, freer style, notably in his Spin paintings and in his Veils collection. Indeed, the artist is renowned for experimenting across a range of mediums and exploring a variety of artistic styles.

The tapestry is one of twelve tapestries that belong to Hirst’s Enter The Infinite collection. Each of these tapestries was produced using a Jacquard loom and uses a similar colour palette dominated by red, green, yellow and blue. The titles of the tapestries carry strong religious and spiritual undertones which reflects how Hirst often uses art to explore contemporary belief systems such as religion.

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