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H1-5 Enter The Infinite- Light

H1-5 Enter The Infinite- Light

Damien Hirst

Tapestry, 2016
Tapestry Edition of 20

Critical Review

The tapestry can be seen alongside eleven other tapestries that make up the Enter The Infinite collection, all of which were made using the Jacquard loom and follow similar colour compositions. H1-5 Enter The Infinite - Light is less colourful than the other tapestries in the collection, leaving more of the white base of the composition visible to the viewer.

The use of the Jacquard loom captures the essence of Hirst’s methodological approach to art. Mechanical precision marks many of Hirst’s artworks such as his Spot paintings which the artist worked on between 1986 and 2011. In these paintings, Hirst produced grids of multicoloured dots and circles, all equally spaced out from one another and identical in size. Characterised by their careful composition and precise arrangement, the Spot paintings resonate strongly with the mechanical production of the tapestries in the Enter The Infinite collection.

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