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H1-11 Enter The Infinite - Prophecy

H1-11 Enter The Infinite - Prophecy

Damien Hirst

Tapestry, 2016
Tapestry Edition of 20

Critical Review

This tapestry is one of twelve tapestries which were all produced by Hirst in 2016 using a Jacquard loom. Together, the tapestries are part of Hirst’s Enter The Infinite collection. Each tapestry in the collection follows a similar colour scheme and Hirst does not once deviate from using the same four colours: red, yellow, blue and green. The tapestries all have a unique pattern that is governed by symmetry.

The titles of the tapestries in this collection carry strong spiritual and religious undertones. Hirst is interested in contemporary belief systems such as religion, love and medicine and often explores them in his artworks, such as he does in Enter The Infinite. For Hirst, these belief systems could bring out the tensions at the heart of human existence, something which fascinated the artist.

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